Our research group combines genomics and computational biology to study the biology of aging and age-associated diseases.

Transcirptional changes in the aging genome

Sample publications: [PMID: 20519778] [PMID: 21325893] [PMID: 21775776] [PMID: 24819200] [PMID: 24864304]

Changes in chromatin structure in aging and senescence

Sample publications: [PMID: 23360310] [PMID: 24243774] [PMID: 23360310] [PMID: 26989773] [PMID: 27692431]

The role of transposable elements in aging and age associated diseases

Sample publications: [PMID: 23360310] [PMID: 24323947] [PMID: 24129940] [PMID: 25012247]